Thursday, October 09, 2008

Mein Schatz

Mein Schatz is German for "my love" or "my sweetie".

Before I was born, my Mother had another baby in her life: Schatzie. We all loved that dog, but she was always Mom's baby. Schatzie was the sweetest schnauzer and was a very loving "big sister" to me. She was also the doggie matriarch of an entire line of Guier schnauzers.

In other videos which I will post this weekend, you can see Schatzie taking care of me in my cradle, like I'm one of her pups.

Be sure not to miss 1:34 in the video, when Dad does a lascivious pan up and down my mother with the camera. Hilarious! And nice outfit too, Mom! This is 1969, after all.


Also, does anybody besides me think my Mother looks remarkably like Michael in the face? As Becky put it, "It's like looking at Michael in drag!" I never saw it before, but seeing them both in their 20's-30's, there is a remarkable resemblance.

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