Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Grizwalds visit several Large Holes, then go home

We jam packed the fun into the last segment of our trip: Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Black Canyon, river rafting on the Arkansas River, the Million Dollar Highway, the Mining Museum in Leadville, and the Royal "Rip Off" at Royal Gorge.

When we went rafting on the Arkansas River, we had a paid river guide who was responsible to keep us all from drowning. But it didn't take long for Dad, and his 23 years of military training, to assert himself as the captain of our ship. Pretty soon on the trip, Dad was barking out orders to everybody in the boat.

"Row! Row! Row!" he commanded.

The Dutch family that shared our boat and the young twenty-something guide weren't really sure how to handle Dad.

Finally, Mom shut him down with, "This isn't your boat, General Washington."

The video below highlights a nice opening shot of Shiprock in New Mexico.

That's it for the Grizwald Family Vacation, and the end of my series in "old movies." We now return you to your regularly schedule program...


Let's go rafting! said...

Nice. Normally a quick "dunking" will take care of the problem...


Dad said...

Actually, you will notice in the picture that there is only one other passenger in the boal with an oar in his hands (Scott). Our boat captain would tell us when to row, and I was doing all the work. I was just trying to get Scott to carry his load.

Boy, does your mother know how to kill a great time!

Mom said...

Notice, I didn't have an oar. When you sit in the middle, there is no way you can paddle. The rafting trip was fun & i loved Mesa Verde., except the long ladder we had to climb to get up there & the narrow stone tunnel that we had to go thru to leave. I did confront my 2 biggest phobia's at that site - acrophobia & claustrophobia!

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