Friday, October 24, 2008

Grizwald Family Vacation

The year was 1991. I was living at home, a junior at Georgia Tech. Becky and I were dating pretty seriously, but not yet engaged. Michael was just about to graduate from high school. And our family took one major trip out west in a rented RV. Our eighteen day tour took us from Georgia to Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and back home again. It was a monster trip with some monster time spent on the road.

Michael took most of the video, and it was clear when he taped the entire first four hours of driving that some major editing was going to be needed. Mike narrated the journey:

"That was exit 195."

"Exit 196."

"There's a gas station."

"Exit 197."

Mike said he wanted to record the whole trip. Ugh!

So, I've cut down the 90 minute "condensed" version that I had on VHS, to under 20 minutes, split into seven small, digestible clips. Here's the first, as we set off from Georgia, bound for Ponca City, where we visited with relatives before setting off on the major portion of our trip.

Listen closely near the end as an eleven year old Olech introduces his "Uncle Korn" as "Baldy himself." Priceless!


Mom said...

The infamous "Griswald Family vacation" was Dad's idea of a trip of a lifetime. It was planned to cover ur 25th Anniversary celebration, your soon to be college graduation & Mikes HS graduation.

Dad had always wanted to do a trip that would encompass many of the National parks out west. Our first stop was in OK for Grandpa & Grandma Harris' 50th Wedding Anniversary.

16 days & 2200 miles in a 24 ft travel trailer with 3 men, a chemical toliet & a kitchen the size of a postage stamp was not my idea of a good time nor a way to celebrate my 25th Wedding anniversary.

Paybacks were hell, Dad took me to Hawaii the next 2 years to make up for it!

Scott said...

As for Mike, Dad, and I, I think it still was our trip of a lifetime. Sorry you didn't enjoy it!

mdautrich said...

I was on the first leg of that trip, but if I remember correctly I slept up top almost the entire time. That was the summer I came to visit for a couple weeks, then road back with you. I believe I was invited to stay for the whole trip, but I already had another trip planned with a friend of mine to go to St. Louis with her family.

I remember at every gas station we stopped at Scott would buy a postcard or some other momento to send back home to Becky!

Scott said...

I totally forgot about you being on that trip!

Dad said...

It was a fabulous trip and we all had a great time.

One correction though. As I remember it, we went 6,500 miles.

One of the many memorable events of the trip was at Mom and Dad's 50th anniversay party. You could pick out every Estep (Mom's maiden name) by checking thier plates for onions.

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