Saturday, October 04, 2008

Eddie's Ultrasound Video

Recently, I used some of my United Airlines miles to purchase a Toshiba Combo VHS/DVD recorder. The device makes copying our old VHS tapes to DVD as easy as the push of a button. Here's a sample of one of our older movies.

This is the original video from Eddie's Ultrasound in February 1997. The ultrasound specialist goes through finding the size of the skull, femur, locating the stomach, bladder, kidneys, heart, and of course, the penis. It's pretty neat to watch.

I've got videos from our wedding in 1993, from our Grizwald Family Vacation out west in 1991, and from my dad's old 8mm film camera dating back 1969-1974. In the coming days, I'll be dicing the video apart into watchable segments and posting those here. (For nobody wants to see 90 minutes of wedding video! Not even me!)

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