Saturday, September 20, 2008

Webelos-O-Ree with Eddie

Eddie and I had a fun day together going to the Webelos-O-Ree at Camp Snyder. The camp had lots of activities, including firebuilding, cooking, rocketry, knot tying, setting up tents, team building, and Readyman (first aid).

Readyman was really important for Eddie to learn, as Becky and I want him to understand first aid and be ready to help if the need ever arose. But the activity was at the very edge of Eddie's ability to handle gore. When the boys brought out the big bloody rubber hand, I thought I was going to lose Eddie there and then. But he was very brave, and hung in there enough to learn the first aid techniques (even if he kept his eyes closed the entire time).

Eddie told me his favorite activities were the rockets and cooking. He really enjoyed meeting the Troop from Sterling that ran the knot tying station. He said he liked them best because they talked to him, not to me. I can see why that would be important.

Here are some of the photos today. It was a really gorgeous day, and it was fun to spend it with my big boy.

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