Friday, September 26, 2008

Letters to Congress / Senate

I took Chuck and Becky's lead and wrote three letters to my Senators and Congressman today. Mr. Wolf, Mr. Webb, and Mr. Warner have all heard from me on this financial bailout issue. I urge you, now is the time to write your congressman. Nothing works better on them than reminding them of your vote. It will only be the onslaught of emails and letters that makes them respond. I think it's starting to work.

Dear Congressman Wolf:

As a fiscal conservative, and a constituent of yours in Northern Virginia, I urge you, please, in the strongest terms: NO WALL STREET BAILOUT!

I agree that the current situation on Wall Street is dire, and may have lasting trickle-down impact in our economy, perhaps even impacting every one of our lives. We may even see a full scale recession.

However, history teaches us that government is notoriously poor at solving these crises, and usually only prolongs the agony with their actions. I agree with Newt Gingrich on this issue: How can we trust Secretary Paulson to get this right? He has been consistently wrong on the economy for the past 18 months!

I do not want to see my tax dollars (and my children's tax dollars, and my GRANDchildren's tax dollars) going to fill the pockets of crooked and unethical Wall Street bankers with their golden parachutes. Let some banks go out of business if they made criminally sloppy decisions. Let the market correct itself. That is the true spirit of capitalism.

It may be tough, but those of us who were fiscally responsible and financially straight, we will weather this storm.

I urge you, Congressman Wolf, do NOT vote for the financial bailout deal. Do not rush to a snap decision because of perceived panic from Secretary Paulson, President Bush, or Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. Do not let politics win over what is right.

My vote for you in the next election will be based on your actions this week.

Thank you for your time.

Scott E. Harris


Chuck said...

Bravo. Keep nailing it home, folks. We can stop this. If we can't stop this, then what the hell is our vote for?

Anonymous said...

How do you balance your stand on this with your decision to vote for Obama? The republicans haven't had a great record in terms of fiscal conservatism in recent times, but at least they try sometimes. The House GOP's refusal to provide politcal cover on this $700B bill Thursday is proof. If you put democrats in control of the exec and legislative branches you're going to see a lot more government meddling in the economy. Check this article. Note the date.

Scott said...

Yes, I've seen that article. But it's important to note that at the time that Clinton was loosening up Fannie and Freddie, we were running an enormous surplus (that Bush subsequently squandered). The extra monies in Fannie and Freddie would have gone to CEO compensation, so Clinton tried to get them to push a little more to the middle class.

Then the Republicans went on a huge spending spree, Iraq being item #1, and exacerbated by tax cuts we didn't need.

Add to that their ceremonial shredding of regulations allowing these ridiculous and fraudulent security instruments. Wall Street went on an unchecked greed-spree encouraged by congress.

Today's Republicans have NO ROOM to talk when it comes to controlling spending. The last eight years have been a fiscal JOKE!

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