Friday, September 19, 2008

Joe Biden Speaks to Women in Sterling

Senator Joe Biden came to town today, and we were there to cheer him on! Yesterday, Sharon picked up tickets for us to go to the Democratic Rally for Women in Sterling, Virginia. As we were walking up to the stage, a staffer pulled us aside and asked if we would sit behind Joe.

"Hell, yeah!" we replied!

Funny, but I knew in my heart all along that they would call us up. I had even prepared for the event by wearing my red shirt and "Republican's for Obama" pin. I gave Sharon my only other pin, the "Jews for Obama" written in Hebrew, and we all got placed directly behind the senator. Perfect seats! We even got to shake the senator's hand afterward.

The Ladies and I go see Joe Biden from Scott Harris on Vimeo.

Senator Biden gave a rousing, and earnest speech about the issues women face in today's economy. It was easy to get caught up in the fervor. It was clear to me that Mr. Biden is a man who has worked 20+ years tirelessly fighting for women's issues. He is not some transparent pander to demographics, he is a man with a real record of accomplishments, and especially on women's issues. Biden got legislation passed that protects and gives shelter to victims of domestic violence--legislation that was vote against by John McCain, I might add.

As a man, I support women's issues. Heh, I like women! But our country is only as healthy as its women and the core family units they foster. I was proud to be there, as a man, supporting my wife, my friends, Mr. Biden and all those ladies who deserve the very best.

I will be voting this fall, and it won't be a difficult choice for me. I am "all in" on this election: 100% committed to my decision and not looking back. We must choose wisely in November. For her:

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