Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back to School... Hooray!

It was joy and jubilation at the bus stop this morning, as we sent the boys off on another year of school. All the moms and dads at the stop were excited to have their kids back in school again. I'm not sure the kids shared our excitement. Actually, Eddie was pretty jazzed to get back to school. His teacher is a cute, young blond woman, and this is all Eddie really requires in a teacher. But really, she seems very nice, and I'm sure she'll be a great teacher.

Luke started out the day a little more apprehensive, but as I expected, he was pretty thrilled with his teacher and his class when he got home this afternoon.


Mom said...

Good looking group. Is that Andrew's younger brother? Where was Gabby?

Scott said...

From left to right, that is Luke, Andrew, Zach, Eddie, Michael, and Donnell. Zach is Gabi's youngest brother; he just started Kindergarten this week and was VERY excited to ride the bus. (Not so much about Kindergarten itself.)

Scott said...

Gabi is not present because she started middle school this year... 6th grade!

mdautrich said...

I can't believe they are wearing jackets :) If the kids here wore jackets to meet the bus they'd roast! We may cool down around November.

Fun times - I still get butterflies thinking about the first day of school & its been over 10 years since I had a class.

Scott said...

It usually gets into the 90's in the day still, but in the morning, it's only about 65. In Virginia, our weather really starts to cool off in September as we head into autumn.

Not much like Houston.

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