Saturday, August 09, 2008

Welcome, Grandma and Grandpa

Don't even get me started on the stupid "go the hell away" look on Becky's face in these photos. Kathleen started up with some talk today about "Oh, that Adolfo, he takes the best photos of..."

I just barked at her, "Oh, Adolfo! Adolfo! What WONDERFUL photos ADOLFO takes. He's PERFECT."

Sheesh! I've had it.

I mean, how can I be expected to work with this stuff? I take a million photos, and all I get are these crappy less-than-tolerant grimaces and Sean Penn stiff arms. AARGGHH!

Becky remarked that it was because she only sees Adolfo four times a year. Well, that can CERTAINLY be arranged on my behalf!

Anyhow, rant over...

This weekend, we said hello to Grandma and Grandpa, who have come to visit us from the great up-north. Apparently, they've brought their cool Canadian breezes with them, because we've had an absolutely spectacular day of sunny-yet-cool summertime weather.

We decided to head over to Great Falls National Park for the afternoon. It's funny, but in the eleven or so years that we've lived here, we've never been to see this very popular local park. I was impressed with the rapids, and even more impressed with the kayakers who braved the jagged rocks.

The day was so nice, we ate dinner on the deck: burgers, ears of fresh sweet corn, and a salad.

Ahhh, summer!

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