Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Soccer Season Has Started

Luke is back in soccer this year, only this year, I'm not coaching. I wanted to, but the league was already full up with coaches, so I guess I will watch this season from the sidelines.

Luke looked great out there. The rest from soccer last year didn't set him back any. He was aggressive with the ball, very coordinated, and one of the faster runners on the team.

This year, the boys will get to do proper throw-ins and play with goalies. Totally real soccer.

I'm very much looking forward to it!

[Sorry for the crummy pictures. I only had my cell phone, and the aperture on that is just awful!]


gaz said...

that pitch looks diabolical!!

Scott said...

We in America love to play "extreme soccer/football"! The pitch is hard packed clay, upon which various wild grasses grow, then die due to the drought we always get in late July/August. It makes for a rather bumpy game.

It's so uneven, when I was dribbling the ball around yesterday basketball-style, the ball hit an odd clump of grass and went shooting off in a lateral direction. You can imagine what it may be like to a precious ankle.

Mom said...

I'm happy to see that Luke is back at his soccer this year. Nathan & Josh are also playing soccer. It's Nathan's second year & Josh's first. Josh's shin gards are just abbout thigh high!

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