Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lego Convention at Tyson's Corner

Today, we headed down to the very posh area called Tyson's Corner. Tyson's is a near suburb of Washington DC in Vienna, Virginia.

Today, the Sheraton Premier hotel was hosting a big Lego convention, and we just had to take the boys down to see it.

The cool thing about this convention was that all of the displays were done by amateur Lego enthusiasts. Some of the displays were pretty amazing! There were castles, and realistic futurescapes, downtown urban cities, robotics, and even a guy who did realistic portraits from Legos.

Despite the jostling crowds, the boys really enjoyed the show. Luke came away with $10-worth of customized Lego hand weapons. He decided he wants to recreate a scene from Walker, Texas Ranger, where the bad guys all carry Uzis. (Classy stuff, I know! But this is Luke!)

Eddie couldn't find anything he wanted that cost less than $50 (typical for Eddie), so he decided to save his money.

Here are some of the photos from the day. These should spark the boys' imaginations:

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