Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eddie and Daddy Day

Occasionally, Eddie and I get a day to ourselves. After church on Sunday, Luke was headed over to his friend, Blake's house, and Eddie asked me if we could go to the Air and Space Museum at Dulles.

Sure, why not? Dulles is pretty close, and after you've paid the parking, the museum is free.

Eddie loved the one-on-one attention, especially after my three week absence in Seattle. I let him be in charge of everything: anywhere we went, whatever we did, Eddie chose it. He loved being in charge and having me at his total beck and call. Since the museum was surprisingly empty, we had no waiting at the simulator rides (which we never, ever do because of the lines). We also enjoyed touring the commercial aircraft, then the space shuttle, and finally the control tower overlooking Dulles airport itself.

It was a great day with my big boy.

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