Saturday, August 16, 2008

Crawdad bahl

The boys and I had a great adventure in the creek today. We wound up and down the creek looking for crawdads. The boys are getting very good at catching crawdads with their little net.

Along the way, we saw plenty of minnows and even a few bluegill. But crawdads were our target this day.

I told the boys that if we caught twenty of them, we could boil them up for lunch. Sure enough, we caught plenty, so it was in the pot with them!

We boiled them up with some Old Bay seasoning, and enjoyed pulling them apart and eating them for lunch. I told the boys, you just pull the heads off, and pull the shell from around the tail. Some people, I said, even suck out the heads, but I don't do that. We just ate the tails, but they were delicious!

Surprisingly, even Lucas ate the crawdads. He is really getting much more adventurous in his eating.

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