Friday, July 25, 2008

Welcome Nana!

It was four o'clock. I had been nervously checking the clock since after lunch. I was anxious, for Nana was arriving today. For one solid week, we get to enjoy having Nana here.

I logged into Northwest's website, and typed in her flight information. I was amazed at the level of detail that Northwest has added to their site. Not only could I get arrival information, but also a detailed map showed flight plan, weather radar, and actual GPS track of the airplane. The map indicated that Nana was just west of Purcellville, ten minutes from landing. Awesome!

I packed up my office and headed for the airport.

After fetching Nana and Jasmine from Dulles, we headed straight for home. As we approached the driveway from the cul-de-sac, I slowed. The boys were busy doing something in the driveway. I honked, and they stepped quickly into the grass. They had written their welcome on the driveway--kind sentiments that Nana greatly appreciated.

We didn't stay long at the house, though. It was dinnertime, so we headed back east to Leesburg, to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Del Rio, for some wonderful Mexican food and margaritas.

After a great meal of fajitas, fish tacos, machaca tacos, and cheesy fries (for guess who?), the boys serenaded Nana with their latest tunes, and then everyone stumbled off to bed, exhausted from a very busy day.

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