Saturday, July 12, 2008

Guess Who?

Uncle Butch was combing through some old memorabilia, and he came across two rare photos of Dad in his youth--that is to say, rare photos of Dad with hair! In my lifetime, I think I have seen two photos of my Dad before I was born.

This first one is of him in 1st grade, circa 1952.

The second photo and zoomed photo are of him and his football team in 1964. Dad played #62, and if I recall correctly, he played center.


Mom said...

The first picture was taken when we were in first grade together in Mrs. Smith's class at Washingtom Elementary. We sat together at the same quad of desks.

The other is his HS football picture. I'm not sure where UB got the newspaper clippings. He must have got the family pictures.

Warren said...

Actually, these pictures were taken in our practice jerseys. For games I was number 50, a traditional numbers for centers and line backers.

Matt and Deachi said...

Wow Uncle Warren with hair!!! :) Love the pictures!

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