Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dinner at Margerenas Spanish Restaurant

The boys have been planning for Nana's visit. They wanted to put on a dinner of their own--their own restaurant--where Eddie would be the waiter and Luke the chef and sommelier. Becky helped out only minimally, keeping the boys' menu choices on target and avoiding unfortunate choices like chicken with marshmallow fluff gravy.

A full ala carte menu was offered at Margerenas Spanish Restaurant, featuring a starter of doughballs served with a 1994 Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon (one of Nana's favorites). Then we moved on to the salad course, a fine spinach salad with toasted croutons. After this, "farm fresh Irish lamb rack with vegies" (sic). The lamb was even roasted by the boys and was delicious!!

Of course, what the boys did elegantly with the cooking, they lacked in social graces. Eddie would saunter up beside Nana and politely ask, "More wine, Nana?"

"Oh, yes please, that would be lovely."

Then Eddie would shout to Luke in the kitchen "MORE WINE!!!"

We'll have to work on that.

The boys redeemed themselves on dessert: fresh made apple tarts ala mode.

All throughout the dinner, as each course was served, Luke meticulously scribbled in his little black book. I was wondering what he was writing, and finally as dinner ended, he showed me: my bill! For $9.05.

Of course, fine food does not come cheap! Grandma and Grandpa LeDuc: Get ready! You're next!

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