Wednesday, June 04, 2008


This country is changing, and despite what many people think, good things are happening.

From this:

To this:

And finally, this!

I'm very proud to have played a part in it with my money and my vote.

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Chuck said...

This truly is inspirational. I think he will make a real positive change. Now we've got to get him elected.

The individual campaign contribution limit is $2,300. We each have to ask ourselves: how much is this worth to me and to my family?

Scott said...

Do I smell a matching donation challenge? I've already ponied up some, but am still under the limit.

I'll match anybody who cares to donate with me.

For what it's worth, I am considering sending my $493.55 George W. Bush "Economic Stimulus bribe" (yes, I did get one!) to the Obama campaign.

The irony is delicious!

Scott said...


mom said...

You've been contaminated by all toouch contact with liberals!

Scott said...

Like it or not, Mom, you're looking at your next president!

gaz said...

Like it or not, Mom, you're looking at your next president!

i sincerely hope he wins.

Scott said...

aye. me too.

Adolfo said...

The white girl looks not happy at all but instead, ready for a cat fight!
*** I am referring to the picture *** I wish Obama takes Hillary for VP. She is a smart and tough cookie. She does much better at debates, and he does better at speeches...

McCain is focused on killing more humans, and he has not clue about economics. There is no point with him. I have always wonder why loving religious leaders/people like the pope do not stop the killings and bring the message of peace, love and compassion to all. I mean, why don't they take actions to stop wars? The day I see it, I might start thinking about joining an organized religion for a truly good action for all mankind- type of mentality. Although I do believe all religions are made up with all my respect. A good example for me is the flying spaghetti monster's creation. All religions were made up by a good writer/philosopher/psychologist.

Now here, I HAVE A DREAM. One day, all of those people that claim to be compassionate will actually act compassionate toward their fellows and not only will bless a country but the entire world and mean it and act upon it not only preach it.

Love to all, and I am up for a positive change in the States too, Scott. Being gay and a non religion person, I do not neccesary label myself liberal. Some people might argue the contrary, I do not care. The bottom line is that you just have to be true to who you are or think you are, and have an open and flexible eye to reach/help/love your family, friends & neighbours.
- deep, I know, I know....;-)

This is Adolfo Diaz, and I approve this message.

Adolfo said...

If the idea of helping the needed and minorities, and if raising taxes to the rich to build affordable schooling makes you a liberal.
I am one of them then.

I am sooo for a distribution of wealthiness and the creation of schools & better ways of transportation; building bridges instead of walls. I guess I am not a conservator either.

Scott said...

Liberal. Conservative. One of the things I hate about the Main Stream Media (MSM) and ESPECIALLY Fox News is the crystallization of people into one of these two camps.

I am a MODERATE. I am not liberal. I am not conservative.

I believe in small government, human rights (including LGBT rights), government out of my bedroom, fiscal responsibility, realistic awareness of immigration issues, and pro-gun for hunting and protection of the home.

I am moderate. Which means, by Fox News standards, that I am liberal. (If you're not for us, you're against us. BAH!)

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