Friday, June 27, 2008

...And We're Off... to Éire!

Next stop, Ireland!

Stay tuned for more adventures from our enormous road trip. Our first stop tomorrow night will be in Belfast. Once rife with sectarian violence, it is now relatively peaceful and home to Irish Catholics, Ulster Scots, other Britons. Belfast also has the shipyard birthplace of the Titanic.

But before we get to Belfast, we shall see the megalithic stones at Newgrange.

More tomorrow.


Chuck said...

Did you fly Aer Lingus? If so, I'm jealous... I've always thought that a cunning name.

Scott said...

Ah, yes, we did. But, surprisingly, we didn't even have tuna for the meal.

Adolfo said...

Have a great vacation you guys!

mdautrich said...

I'm so jealous. We're leaving for our trip to Ponca City on Wednesday, doesn't really compare to yours!

Sandi said...

Chuck your play on words is sooo subtle!!

Yellow Blade said...

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