Sunday, May 18, 2008

More Rocketeering

Today was less windy, so we took attempt #2 at shooting the rockets. Today, we shot off Astrovision, Black Diamond, and Outlaw. We got some great video of the rockets, but not without collateral damages. Astrovision's elastic binding cord separated, leaving the nose cone to float safely down to earth, while the body of the rocket came down full speed, breaking one of the tail stabilizers upon impact.

Black Diamond was even more dramatic. It's such a tiny rocket; it really gets up very high. But I had packed the blast paper in too tightly, so the nose didn't eject. Thus, the whole rocket came down like some kind of munition. "RUN BOYS! RUN!!" The rocket wedged itself into the dirt nose first. Actually, it was really cool.

Both rockets are repairable, though, so they will fly another day.

Today, we got some good video of the take off, and a decent video of the flight!

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