Saturday, May 03, 2008

Lookin' Good For Jesus

Tonight was a very special night; it was Maura's First Communion celebration. We all came over to celebrate with her, and feasted on some wonderful roasted lamb, chicken skewers, brown rice with mint, wheat-berry salad, and mango and black bean salad.

But enough about the food! We had a slightly larger group than normal. This time, Katie (Maura's riding coach), Heather (Sharon's bike partner), and Sean and Jess (Sharon's brother and sister-in-law) also joined us for dinner.

There were about a thousand kids, and thankfully, they all stayed outdoors mostly.

Maura's Communion gifts were pretty hilarious, especially the "Lookin' Good For Jesus" change purse, which aptly instructs, "Show HIM the Money!" and "Be Net Worthy! Be Noticed!" with beautiful women fawning over the Lord our Savior. Very classy indeed.

Actually, the change purse was slightly classier than the lip balm, which claimed, "Restores your lips to near virginal quality." Hmm. Best to let that one stay right there.

As the night progressed, Sharon and Desi's little angel revealed her true self.


sharon said...

Great pictures Scott. We look like one big happy family. -Sharon

Scott said...

of course, we are!

Katie Campbell said...

I'd say all were lookin good for Jesus.

Great time, great food, super people and wonderful children, what else is there?
Thanks for posting Scott, hope to c'ya all again soon.


Adolfo said...

Congrats to Maura and her family. I like the last picture with Becky and her two good friends!- that's a one to keep on top of the files!

Mom said...

Virginal lip balm, "lookin Good for Jesus purses" - When I had my First Communion., I got $$$, rosaries & prayer books!

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