Friday, May 09, 2008

Dinner with Chuck and Adolfo

After a very successful week of meetings in Seattle, on Thursday night, we trekked north to Mount Vernon, Washington, to meet up with Chuck and Adolfo, down from Vancouver.

It was super-great to see the guys, and I even dragged Barry along for the ride. Dinner was at Lorenzos, and was quite delicioso!

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Adolfo said...

Good work on the picture! It was great to see you & meeting Berry. Hopefully you (and Berry as well) are able to come to Vancouver and give you a quick and stressful tour. Yes, stressful, thinking that you might be able to stay for a half a day while coming to Seattle for work. See, the longer your stay in Canada the less stressful for you (both) it will :) Also, we are soo looking forward to have Becky soon!! The climate in Vancouver is looking good these days, YAY!

** kidding, kidding about the stressful tour - just come any time & thanks again for dinner!

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