Thursday, April 24, 2008


This evening was so clear, so nice, that we ate dinner on the deck. After dinner, a goldfinch flew into the screen door and got himself a little bit dazed. He fluttered on the deck helplessly, so I gently picked him up. He was incredibly tame, and he sat on my shoulder for ten minutes before finally regaining his wits and flying away.

It was a nice visit from one of my favorite birds! I felt like St. Francis of Assisi. But then Becky started singing the James Bond theme to Goldfinger... which had me cracking up.


Chuck said...

♪ "Such... a cold finger!" ♫

Scott said...

#1 best Bond song of all time!

Mom said...

That is such a sweet story, along with some great shots. Our goldfinches haven't returned yet. Maybe they heard that parts of Mn will get 6-12" of snow tonight!

Barry said...

You're like Dr. Doolittle.

Adolfo said...

I like the last picture- awww on the last picture the bird is giving you the butt, lol!

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