Thursday, April 17, 2008

Busy Spring Week

Gosh, there's been tons of stuff going on this week, and I haven't had any time at all to write about it.

The week started off with me in Seattle for another business trip. It was a really quick, but very productive trip. Thankfully, I also got to swing by the Ellingson's and see Jim, Marie, Susan, Jerry, Barb, and Tom, and all the kids. Aunt Marie was kind enough to make dinner, which was delicious!

While I was away, the boys had their annual Cake Bake. Eddie made a combo Spongebob and Patrick cake, while Luke came up with Pac Man. Yes, an oldie, but still a favorite. Fortunately for Becky, with me away, both cakes were cinches to make.

Then, today, Eddie's class had a special treat. They went to Waterford to act the parts of children from the 1800's. Waterford is a National Historic Town in Virginia, and the kids spent the whole morning going to school in a one room schoolhouse and re-enacting life from a couple of centuries ago. They really enjoyed it. Eddie played the part of a sixth-grader named Abraham Johnson.

After school, Eddie, Gabi and Andrew spent more time in the creek. While they were down there, Gabi and Eddie fished an enormous crawdad out of the stream. I mean, this thing was almost like a lobster!

Gabi wanted to keep it, but without the proper habitat, the thing wouldn't live through the night, so I forced a "catch and release" program upon the kids.

And since it's spring, I must close with the obligatory garden shots. The dogwoods are just breaking open; tulips are just starting to show their color; daffodils are in full glory; and the cherries are gorgeous for another few days. Ahhhh, spring!

And, lest I forget, Happy Anniversary, honey.

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