Monday, March 17, 2008

Red Rock State Park, Crescent Moon Ranch, and Tourist Junque

Today, we took an invigorating hike up to Eagle's Nest at Red Rocks State Park. This provided us with plentiful views of the iconic Sedona rocks surrounding us. The hike was only moderately difficult, but the weather was splendid and gave us a good bit of fresh air.

After Red Rocks, we headed over to Crescent Moon Ranch, which sits along Oak Creek and provides unparalleled vistas of the Cathedral Rock.

Finally, by the end of the day, we headed into town to do some shopping at the various tourist traps downtown.

Here are the photos from the day:

  1. Eagle's Nest. Our destination for the day.
  2. Setting out on the trail.
  3. On the higher part of the trail.
  4. A view of the rocks.
  5. The Seven Warriors.

  1. Luke's heart-shaped prickly pear cactus.
  2. Eagle's nest from a sister butte.
  3. A nice tree and cactus.
  4. A wee little gecko.
  5. The Oak Creek.

  1. A tributary off Oak Creek.
  2. Cathedral Rock.
  3. Cathedral Rock and Oak Creek.
  4. Hello, Grandpa!
  5. Eddie chooses an elk at the tourist shops.

  1. Some fine edibles at the tourist shops. Of course, Ed asked, what's the point of Fartless Chili?
  2. Some Screaming Sphincter to go with your Fartless Chili.
  3. Cowboy Luke
  4. Eddie and the Javelinas.
  5. This one's for Barry!

  1. Our new stemware... very classy!
  2. This place grabbed us like a vice and forced us to buy a half pound of fudge!
  3. Sedona is known for its art communities. This is my kind of art!

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