Sunday, March 09, 2008

International Night

Our family participated in the second annual International Night at the boys' school. This program is a lovely way to demonstrate and celebrate cultural diversity in the county. The program is run by Tiffany Whalen, one of our neighbors and a mega-volunteer at the school.

Tiffany does a great job with it. There are craft stations, performances on stage (like Irish dancing, belly dancing, clogging, etc.), a trivia quiz for prizes, family displays, and (my favorite) a mega-buffet of food! (Guess where I plant myself?)

The buffet is truly awesome. The food committee seeds the buffet with a few items from Costco--tiramisu, taquitos, egg rolls and the like--and then families prepare and bring in the rest. I brought in three pounds of Currywurst from Germany, and it didn't even last half the evening. Overall, we had all kinds of food from Europe, Asia, South America, and even Africa. It was great!!

I've always enjoyed these kinds of events, and for a man who relished ethnic clothing, these events are a must!

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