Sunday, March 30, 2008

Amazing Grace -- Remix

At Easter Vigil service last weekend, the choir and the choristers performed a beautiful, heart-tugging version of Amazing Grace by Arlen Clarke. This is not the standard hymn that everybody knows and loves. The words are the same, but the music has been re-scored into this ethereal masterpiece. The song literally brought me to tears when I heard my own children singing solo on the second verse in the dimly lit church.

Of course, I had forgotten my camera, so the moment went completely uncaptured. I was, therefore, heartbroken when I learned the next day that our choir would not be performing the piece again.

Finally, I decided to ask the boys to sing the song for me. Luke seemed willing, and sang the first and last verses. And now, I have a little bit of this wonderful song captured on video. Here's Luke, who does an excellent job with it (even despite the background vocals by Frank):

I dug around a little bit more and turned up a full choir version of the song here. This is the song I want performed at my funeral. (With bagpipes, of course.)

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