Wednesday, February 27, 2008


My job has me out in Seattle for a few days. Unfortunately, I'm so busy, I won't even get to see any of Becky's family while I'm out here this time, but hopefully, if this contract goes well, there will be more visits to Seattle in the near future.

Lovely place, Seattle--the weather has been a pleasant 55 degrees with just a hint of sprinkles now and then. We spent most of the time in large windowless meeting rooms, but when we get to walk to lunch or dinner, it's very enjoyable. We can even see Mount Rainier from here!

Tonight, the customer treated us to a wonderful dinner at Salty's across the bay from downtown Seattle. For dinner, we had Dungeness crab chowder with sherry, grilled vegetables, roasted new potatoes, and the most gorgeous salmon. It was a spectacular dinner and an even more spectacular view! I took this panoramic shot myself:

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