Sunday, January 06, 2008

This is a Good One

This is a good one. Much darker than most of the others I've posted.

Lines on the Fall of Fyers Near Loch Ness
by Robert Burns

Among the heathy hills and ragged woods
The roaring Fyers pours his mossy floods;
Till full he dashes on the rocky mounds,
Where, thro' a shapeless breach, his stream resounds.
As high in air the bursting torrents flow,
As deep recoiling surges foam below,
Prone down the rock the whitening sheet descends,
And viewles Echo's ear, astonished, rends.
Dim-seen, through rising mists and ceaseless show'rs,
The hoary cavern, wide surrounding lours:
Still thro' the gap the struggling river toils,
And still, below, the horrid cauldron boils.


mom said...

Thanks for the refresher on Burns work. Now I remember why I didn't remember his body of work. It's poetry done with his "native tongue" & very hard to understand. Poetry was always difficult for me to memorize (school) & to understand. In other words, I hated poetry!!!

gaz said...

happy new year to you and yer clan!
been enjoying these last few posts.

gaz said...

scott, can you point me in the direction of any really good burns websites. church is having a burns night on the 26th and ive been asked to put some stuff together for the night. i can just google the whole thing but i thought i'd call on the knowledge of a seasoned burns pro.

Scott said...

Oh, goody, goody, goody! Someone asking about a Burns Night! I am indeed in heaven!

<cough> Get ahold of yerself, Harris!

So, yes, I can help you.

Actually, a really good place to start is the Burns Night page on Wikipedia. That has a suggested "schedule" for the evening mapped out.

For an archive of his poetry, there are a few, but I like this one best. Notice the discrete Poetry link in the top left column.

Actually, my source for Burns poetry is a hardbound volume, The Complete Poems and Songs of Robert Burns, which I picked up from a U.K. bookseller online. Very nice indeed!

Scott said...

gaz, as you'll probably be doing a toast to the lassies, you may want to find a couple of love poems. A Red, Red Rose is a beautiful and traditional favorite, but a bit predictable.

My two other favorites, and a bit more obscure, are Sae Flaxen Were Her Ringlets and Her Flowing Locks.

gaz said...

cheers scott. unfortunately i won't even be attending the event as i'll be off on a mate's stag do that night! we're ascending snowdon then finding a lovely welsh pub for some evening grub when we get back down.
i have visions of it being a little like the beginning of an american werewolf in london. "don't stray from the path."

Scott said...

Well, I look forward to the lycanthropic photos in your blog! A bunch of werewolves drinking in a Welsh pub... there's got to be a joke in there.

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