Thursday, January 31, 2008

Neocon Sweat

Now that John McCain is the presumptive Republican nominee, many evangelical conservatives, along with the Fox News brainwashed, who broadly I'll refer to as Neocons, are forced now to make some very tough choices. Politics, like most things, works as a pendulum. In the past eight years, that pendulum has swung way, way too far into the Christianist right. (Christianism is a term coined by Andrew Sullivan meaning those who believe that the separation of church and state is not important, and wish to mold our government into a Christian moral entity.) Though I am Christian, I abhor Christianism and all forms of zealotry and moral legislation.

So, as I was saying, evangelical conservatives have some tough choices ahead. The pendulum has swung back, and moderates are having their say. John McCain is bringing his big momentum into Super Tuesday, and the Neocons are sweating.

How can they support a man they once labeled as a "RINO" (Republican In Name Only), as a "liberal," and at their most melodramatic, even as a "traitor?" (A traitor?! I mean really! Let's get some perspective folks! The man's a war hero!)

Well, they're going to have come to terms with McCain, or sit it out at the polls. And that latter decision could be disastrous for them.

The Democratic race is now shaping up to be a photo finish between the not-to-be-underestimated Hillary Clinton (Or should I say, the Clinton Dynasty, since they're both running in this campaign?) and the charismatic juggernaut of Barak Obama. If Hillary Clinton makes the nomination, either as presidential candidate or even as the veep, the Neocons will come out in droves, even if Mickey Mouse was their nominee. McCain is very lucky in his present situation, because it's his best shot for presidency ever, and probably his last chance at it.

But if Obama becomes the Democratic nominee, things could be very different. Many of the Neocons would probably sit home without a Hillary to hate and without a strong Christianist candidate to support. NPR estimates the Christian evangelicals to be about 13-14% of the voting population (comparable with the Latino and Black vote, and larger than the union vote). A loss of these votes on the Republican side gives Obama a BIG advantage in the presidential election, and the Neocons will be essentially handing the presidency to perhaps the most liberal candidate in the past 40 years. That, and they'll be essentially putting a black man in office, which I think would be remarkable, and deliciously ironic.

Whatever is the good Christian Evangelical to do? Well, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News are no help. They're still reeling from the fact that McCain is still the Republican they love to hate. Gentlemen, get your crow ready. It's suppertime!

Whatever happens, ultimately, I think the country is destined for a very overdue, and very healthy return to the center. Nut-job Giuliani is out. Likable but still Christianist Huckabee isn't viable and will soon be out. And though I have some very big concerns about the Clinton campaign, I don't think she'll win against the mobilization of the Republican armies against her. Obama has said that she's too polarizing, and he's right. She's Karl Rove's wet dream Democratic candidate.

Who remains then are McCain, Obama, and even a remote chance for Romney. And ultimately, any of these three gentlemen would restore honor and moderation to the Presidency of the United States.

This has been long overdue.

So, Neocons, what are you going to do?

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