Sunday, January 20, 2008

Musical Boys

The boys are progressing nicely in their piano and guitar practices. Both have been taking their practices very seriously, and I think the results speak for themselves.

This is Elephant Stomp, a clever little piece of music that Eddie is still learning.

And here is Luke playing Boulevard of Broken Dreams (by Green Day). This is the first part of the song, just the chords. (I can't recognize the song, but he plays the chords with such gusto!)


Adolfo said...

Very nice boys! That tune is sooo Luke!

gaz said...
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gaz said...

sorry, this throne.
stuff it, here's the url for you to cut and paste. all my links seem to be up the swany today!

Scott said...

Just saw the vid... that guy's awesome!

Mom said...

The boys are doing very well with their chosen instruments. I didn't realize that Eddie had a keyboard. Is it new???

Scott said...

Hey got that last Christmas (2006). It's been in the basement underutilized, so I brought it upstairs and stuck it on a stand. Our "orange room" has now become a conservatory.

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