Sunday, January 27, 2008

Burns Party -- The People

Oh, what a joyful time we had! Thank you to everybody who came and dined with us at our Second Annual Burns Supper. I believe this year was even more excellent than last year! The songs and the poems were quite well done and several people even composed their own toasts to the laddies. (Leslie, Sharon and Becky all producing original numbers!)

I've got enough material to post a few days worth about this wonderful party, and I just want to say how happy Becky and I are that we can play hosts to such a splendid group of friends.

Here are each of the couples, as they arrived at the party. In order, we have Desi and Sharon, Dan and Judy, Pam and Phil, and Leslie and Scott.

In some cases, kilts were provided for those who came without. "Take off your trousers and come upstairs" was heard more than once last night!

The kids all ate pizza and stayed mostly in the basement--except when Luke ran afoul of Gabi and Eddie's grand plan for a dance party and spent the rest of the time watching Mythbusters upstairs. Apart from that little fracas, the kids were really good all night.

We ate and we ate, and the food was excellent. (More about the food in another posting, including recipes.)

Toward the end of the night, Frank seemed to find his way onto everybody's lap.

Finally, and all too soon, it was time to say goodnight. So, we took one last set of photos before saying adieu for the night. I must say, these are some mighty fine looking women!

And of course, one last look at the sexiest legs of the night. (Honestly, it's good a police car didn't drive by while Phil the Flasher was walking home.)

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