Friday, December 28, 2007

Wii Wish You a Merry Christmas

The boys are now fully addicted to their Wii. Eddie is playing Hannah Montana's game, and Luke is doing Wii Sports and Rampage. I like the Mii channel. The boys and I created Miis of all the family. Here we are, wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

And some of the boys Miis: Afro-Andrew, Eddie's Hannah, Luke and his pencil-thin mustache, and my own alter-ego, Rio Grande.


JamesF said...

Why's the Eddie picture so blurry? You shooting without a flash and holding the camera by hand or something?

And what's your Wii age from the fitness test?

Scott said...

Yeah, no flash, hand held, small lens.

Haven't tried the Wii fitness yet. I will have to do that. I only just got the Wii hooked up to the Internet so we can see the weather.

Scott said...

So I took the Wii fitness test and my Wii age was 38. Not too far from my real age, I guess. Luke was 48, and Eddie was 78. Becky refused to play.

JamesF said...

Ok, so how did you get the web access on the Wii? Your comment today implied it was from the Wii. How do you access the internet channel? All I can see for channels are the game, the Mii, the shopping, weather and news. Do you have to purchase that channel? Or do you get it somehow free from the shopping channel?

JamesF said...

Ok, nevermind. I saw it under the Wii Shopping channel. Did you have free points, or did you actually buy it?

Scott said...

I bought it. It cost five bucks.

You'll have to set up the Wii with your Internet connection. I hooked mine up to my wireless network. It was incredibly easy and connected first try.

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