Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lap-Time with Santa

Last night was our Cub Scouts Pack Meeting for December, and the boys got a surprise visit from Santa Claus. The boys are still very much excited about Santa, and doggedly holding onto their belief in him, despite the fact that a lot of their friends don't believe. (I think the boys calculate their Christmas earning potential without ol' Mr. Cringle, and make sure that they come down in the belief column whenever votes are taken.)

Yes, Santa paid a surprise visit to the meeting last night, giving out pinewood derby cars and a little lap time with each kid. He even made the big kids get up on his lap, saying, "You're not too big for Santa!" The big kids, some of them Eagle Scouts, were most embarrassed.

The boys also received their prizes for selling popcorn earlier in the year. Eddie sold enough popcorn to receive a really cool MP3 player. The player looks like one of those cheap Chinese copies, but it plays music well enough. We call it Eddie's Chi-pod. Eddie's Chi-pod is now loaded up with Ella Fitzgerald's Christmas, Beary Chirstmoose, and Hannah Montana. (This is why Eddie has his own MP3 player and doesn't share mine! Although, I approve of Ella.)

Luke received a compressed air marshmallow blasting cannon. He loves it so much, he had it nestled under the covers with him when he went to sleep last night. This morning, we tried out the cannon, and it kept jamming on the big marshmallows, but when we loaded a bunch of mini-marshmallows into the thing (here, I'm thinking about grapeshot!), it sort of worked. By "sort of worked" I mean that it spat the mini-marshmallows about six inches, pathetically rolling them onto the floor--much to Frank's excitement.

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