Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Amazing Game of Cribbage

Luke has always enjoyed playing cards, and I thought he's probably old enough to learn to play cribbage. Cribbage, for those of you who don't know, is a pretty complicated game that requires a lot of strategy and addition skills. Luke's math is pretty strong, so I thought he could handle it. Plus, cribbage has these cool little pegs and a neat board for scoring. This adds a level of coolness well above any other pedestrian card game. Perfect for Luke.

Sure enough, after learning the basics, Luke smoked me!

In the first game, I gave him the customary "Luke gets ten extra points because he's new." And of course, he beat me in that game, even though we were playing open-faced so I could tutor him.

In the second game, we played with our hands concealed, so Luke had to make his own choices on what to discard and how to play. I guess he learned pretty well, because he skunked me on the second game. (But just barely, I must protest.)

For a more colorful description of events, be sure to amble over to Luke's blog. Be sure to give him some comments. He loves to get comments!

In other weekend news, we did a minor redecoration on the accent wall in the kitchen. At the Ladies Auxiliary Rummage Sale last month, Becky picked up a series of seven Arthur Singer prints.

The prints are in a style of older classification paintings, with genus and species labeled in a nice script font. The paper was faded to a nice ocher color which matched the fall tones in the downstairs drapes. She picked up all seven prints for seven dollars, including frames.

The pictures had no glass, so I had to purchase some. This was a little tricky, as the frames were all custom sizes, and each glass had to be specially cut to each frame. But all told, that only cost about $12.

The frames themselves were pretty dilapidated, so I cleaned them up and gave them a new coat of satin black. Now the pictures look excellent! Becky saw a similar set in an antique store in town, and they were selling for $58 apiece!

So, even though Becky wanted to hang them (and I have to admit they look pretty smart), I still have my eye on them for a sale on eBay!

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