Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tartan Army -- Loudoun County Branch

Scotland v. Italy

Saturday, 11:30am EST
Pay Per View
My House

Watch Scotland take down Italy to secure themselves a place in the Euro 2008 Finals.

Be There!

(Wear your kilt!)


Chuck said...

Looking slim and stylish in the Scottish drag-drag...

Scott said...


gaz said...

qualification for the scots, english and irish is hanging in the balance, but i reckon the tartan army have a better chance than us. they're more driven for a start - you get the impression when england play that it's actually an inconvenience to be there and they'd actually rather be doing something else, like sitting in their designer homes on their designer sofas in their designer undies scratching their designer... anyway!

Scott said...

One thing you can certainly say for the Scots... no designer undies!

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