Wednesday, November 14, 2007

2007 Raingutter Regatta

Tonight was the Pack 39 pack meeting, and what a night it was!

We started off by introducing a bunch of new boys in as Bobcats in the pack. This is a very solemn ceremony where we paint the boys' faces with colors representing honesty, courage, hard work, etc.

After the ceremony, the Webelos performed a delightful song, much to the amusement of the rest of the pack.

Then, the main attraction of the night: The Raingutter Regatta!

This year's Raingutter Regatta proved even more calamitous than last years! Recall that last year, one of the boys tugged on the side of one of the raingutters, dumping its entire contents (four gallons of water) on the school's gymnasium floor.

Well, this year, we did thrice better. And this despite Shane's assurances that the newly designed guardrails were infallible!

First, one of the saw horses spontaneously collapsed, sending a tidal wave of water gushing into the shoes of the few Cub Scouts at the front of the line. I wish I had gotten a picture; it sure was a pretty sight!

After that was all cleaned up, we spilled the contents of water again when moving the gutters from the saw horses to the floor. But soon after that, the boys were back to racing, this time on hands and knees.

Then, after the races were all done, and the floor was totally dry, Shane and I went to lift the gutters to dump them. Shane began lifting the gutter while straddling it, and quickly coming to a point where he would either have to walk like a crab or put the gutter back down. I was paying so much attention to this that Shane and I got a little mismatched in our lifting the gutters, and I sent eight gallons of water shooting towards his trousers, with all of it again landing on the newly mopped floors.

I can say one thing, the school flooring has never been so clean!

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