Saturday, November 03, 2007

Soccer Season--Year in Review

Today ends the Fall 2007 Soccer season. Luke had a really great team this year, and I was really lucky to be the boys' coach. The Rockets closed the season with a very respectable 5-1-1 record, due entirely to the boys' skill and hustle. These guys really played hard all year long and gave me their all. But even more importantly, these guys had FUN! This has got to be one of the best years I've had as coach and one of the most fun team of boys I've ever played with.

Here are some photos for the year in review. Thanks to Tom for catching most of these, since I was on the sidelines coaching.

Bijan, nice feet!

Luke, mixing it up!

Charlie, turnin' on the heat!

Easton with the power kick!

Alex with the nice slide tackle!

Great kick, Jacob!

Austin. Look at that focus!

How many kids do I have? Let's see, one.. two.. three..

Takin' it easy on the sideline.

After the game.

End of the year--Pizza Party!


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