Sunday, October 21, 2007

Quiet Weekend

We had rather a quiet weekend, for a change. I mean, we did have Luke's soccer game, but apart from that, nothing really on the agenda.

Saturday night, Jim and Lisa brought Rachel and Mila over and we had some chili and cornbread for supper. Always great to see Jim and Lisa, and I was remarking to Becky tonight that it's really amazing that Jim and I have known each other for 21 years. I think he's my longest running friend (even longer than Becky, by about four years).

Here are some rather goofy photos from the weekend. In the first, well, it's pretty self-explanatory. The afro-wig always gets some smiles.

The second is of Jim and Rachel.

The third photo is one Luke took of me and Rachel wrestling around on the floor with Frank. Frank is in an unusually fierce pose, while it looks as though I'm about to crush the poor baby Rachel. I assure you, I didn't.

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