Friday, October 19, 2007

Possibility of a New Van?

Becky has been gradually losing interest in our wonderfully sturdy (but very quirky) 1997 Chrysler Town & Country. Beside the fact that it's filled with ten years of Cheerios and Oreo cookie crumbs, and that one door is pretty hard to open, and that the wipers come on randomly whenever they wish--beside all that--the van is in pretty good shape. It has over 160,000 miles on it, but the transmission was new at 100,000, and the engine is otherwise in good shape. (Knock on wood.)

Even still, it's old, and Becky's been hinting at wanting a new van. Actually, she wants a "cross-over", since I guess vans are losing vogue.

Last night, as she walked in from choir practice, I was on the computer.

As she walked in, I called out to her, "Hey, hon, I found a great new van for you! It gets 30 mpg, is only $8,000, is in great condition, and only has 30,000 miles on it."

She got all excited. Then I showed it to her.


At this point, she laughed (always being the good sport), and she reminded me of Tom and Ray's "Car Talk" line about these old VW vans:

"In a head-on collision, the only thing protecting the engine is your legs."

Man, but it is a beautiful van, though. And in perfect condition. It even has a souped-up sound system and in-console GPS. And Eddie would be jazzed about the sink with running water. I could just see us going down the Interstate.

"Hey, Dad. I need another drink of water!"

Then, later, "Hey, Dad. Where's the toilet?"

Check it out on ebay.

Oh, and if you buy it, can I go camping with you?

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