Sunday, October 14, 2007

Polski Wieczór Późny

Saturday night was another of our group dinner parties, this time, Poland at Pam and Phil's house. Scott, Leslie, Sharon, Desi, Becky and I were all there. And of course, Pam and Phil. But this time, Sharon invited her brother Shawn and his wife, Jess. Shawn and Jess, it was very nice to meet you, and your baby is really cute!

For appetizers, we had some great mushroom crescents and deviled eggs. Then, the wine started flowing with Phil's selection of mostly Virginia wines. Most were good, but stay way from the Norton from Horton. It was not good.

Dinner was Kielbasa, paprika stuffed cabbages, and pirogies. All of it good, but definitely east-European comfort food.

We finished off the night with a little "wodka" and whisky, which generally meant that some of us were a little more obnoxious than we intended.

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