Sunday, October 07, 2007

Luke's Build-A-Bear Party

After camping, we took Gabi and Andrew (much recovered after throwing up all weekend) out with Luke and Eddie for Luke's birthday party. Luke wanted to go to Build-A-Bear, mostly because he wanted to wring a my wallet empty in the shortest possible amount of time. Build-A-Bear does that quite efficiently.

The kids all got to choose one new animal and one outfit. Eddie and Gabi both chose a lurid orange bear; Andrew chose a ghost-shaped bear, and Luke, another spotted feline. This time, it was "General Cheetah"--an Army general with a bad attitude. (Sort of a furry, cuddly Patton.)

After Build-A-Bear, I pan-handled a bit to be able to afford dinner at UNO's Chicago Pizza, where again the kids got to construct their own pizzas. Ending the meal was a splendid dessert called "Chocolate Wow!" And "wow" indeed. It was quite delicious! We violated some copyrights by singing "Happy Birthday", and I'm pretty sure Luke had a really great time.

The video is pretty funny, if only because of the interplay between Luke and Andrew. These two are peas in a pod! And, yes, because I know someone will ask, today was my "free day."

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