Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Tonight, all the little heathen and pagan children descended upon the neighborhood to plot their evil deeds on all the innocent Christian families. You could hear all the Righteous screaming from deep within their darkened homes.

My own little pagans and I were surely not going to miss these festivities!

Our evil knew no bounds: Eddie was an astronaut; Luke was an Icelandic viking; I was Sir William Wallace; Frank was "Frank the Pug" from Men In Black. Clearly, our souls were in deep peril.

We carved Jack-o-lanterns yesterday afternoon. Eddie went "old school," carving a rather traditional design. I did Halloween 2.0 on mine. Luke created a design of his very own, and carved it by himself. It may be hard to see in the photo, but it's a ghost ascending from the chimney of a haunted house, with the word "BOO!" written across his middle.

We hit only half the neighborhood this year, and saw all most of the neighbors and friends that we like in the neighborhood. As usual, we paired up with the Wolfes. Safety in numbers, you know. Pam and I made a frightening pair, but it was Phil and I who would ultimately take the kids around. Thanks to our ridiculous government, the daylight savings time is still on, so it was disappointingly light as we set out.

Near the end of the night, I took the kids in the van over to see Mrs. Key (Eddie and Gabi's old teacher, Andrew's current teacher). She was so thrilled to see the kids that she threw big hugs around them all. Eddie was so enraptured by this that he nearly forgot to get his candy.

Finally, we got back home, wolfed down a few pieces of candy before bed, and the kids are now soundly sleeping, dreaming heretical thoughts of candy and costumes.


JamesF said...

At first I thought you were going as the In-Betweener until I read the text.

Chuck said...

Either that, or Carrot Top. In any case, it's an edge look, and I wouldn't recommend it on a daily basis.

Kathleen said...

Love reading your blog. Halloween looked like lots of fun. Eddie and Luke are getting so BIG! Great costumes all.

Scott said...

Gee, James thinking of a comic book reference? Go figure! :-)

Chuck, I definitely would NOT recommend the look on a daily basis. The make-up is hell on the pores. In a week, I'll probably be looking like "Blackhead Man."

Jim said...

Friendly suggestions:
1. burn the wig
2. burn the store that sold you the wig
3. burn the house of the person that owned the store that sold you the wig
4. burn the factory the produced the wig


gaz said...

scott, there's something different about you... have you shaved?

great costumes guys.

Anonymous said...

it looks like you all had a great time. I wish you had come to my house, I still have 4 bags of candy - we had one trick or treater again this year. Next year, I'm going to forego the candy 7 hand out a $5 to whoever comes to the door. I know I'm safe, because in all the years we've lived here, we haven't had a combined total of 12 kids!

Adolfo said...

It looks fun guys. ABSOLUTELY KEEP THE WIG! "The worst thing in the world is to be un-cool"- Cher. I love it!

Dad said...

No matter what your face and hair looked like, I expect everyone in the neighborhood knew who was wearing the kilt to collect goodies. I doubt anyone was fooled.

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