Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kilts to Church

Luke wanted to wear his kilt to church today. We didn't let him do it last weekend, because he was singing in choristers, and it would have been pointless to wear the kilt if it was covered completely by his cassock.

But today, he didn't have choristers, so it would be perfect. Luke's been talking about it all week. He's very excited to go to church in his new kilt, and I have to say, I think he looks very handsome. Of course, I have mine to provide solidarity with my young laddie.

Since I'm also teaching Sunday School, I did call Renee, the head of the Sunday School program, ahead of time to make sure she would be OK with it. I didn't want anybody complaining about the weirdo in the skirt teaching their kids. I was surprised and happy when Renee responded that she too was Scottish (a Harris-Campbell, no less!), and she thought it would be great to show the kids some culture. Excellent! I knew if anybody complained, it would be Renee they go to. So I've covered my bases there.

Tom, our rector, is of English descent, so he is naturally skeptical of all things Scottish. Yet, he mostly just rolls his eyes and tolerates this eccentric person in his church. (It's good for him; I'm expanding his boundaries.)

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