Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ten Year Party

Our closest group of friends is a tight-knit bunch that started out as a Mom's group when all of our first children were born. Sharon and Eoin, Leslie and Madeline and Olivia, Pam and Gabi, and of course, Becky and Eddie.

This day, we celebrated the 10th year of these wonderful children, plus, I suppose, the 10th year of our common friendship.

Leslie brought in a moon bounce and filled her enormous pool with water (and thence, children). We ate bratwursts, salads, chips, snow-cones, and some delicious homemade ice cream. Then, we had birthday cupcakes (cooked in ice cream cones, no less!) for ALL of the ten children present!

Luke and Eddie also had an opportunity to practice their levitation skills.

Thanks, Leslie and Scott, for hosting a wonderful party!

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