Saturday, July 28, 2007

Camp Snyder

We spent the last four days at Camp Snyder, a Cub Scout camp in Haymarket, Virginia. It certainly has been the summer of camping! Seems like we only just got back from Jellystone, before we were off again to Camp Snyder.

Camp Snyder proved to be a lot of fun for the boys. The camp was really well run, and the campsites, tents, bathroom facilities, and food were all really above par. The camp staff, a bunch of Star, Life, and Eagle scouts, were really, REALLY talented, and the activities that they ran were a whole lot of fun for the boys.

Day one had us going to do Arts & Crafts (building a wooden boat), followed by a Nature Hike through a natural Virginia meadow. Then, after lunch, we hit the pool for some R&R, followed by "the Big Dig", which had the boys digging for archaeological clues to solve a treasure map.

The second day, we started off with BB shooting and had an adventure on the SS Cubtanica, then, after lunch, we again hit the pool, followed by some excellent archery.

In the gaps, the Webelos boys learned how to build their own campfires; we all learned Astronomy at the Space Port, and we heard some excellent skits and songs at the two "Campfire" events. The boys even came up with a song of their own, attributed to Tyler Draddy (who could not be at camp):

Sung to the tune of the popular Smashmouth song, "All Star"

Somebody once told me
The world was guacamole
So I took a bite out of a tree.
It tasted kind of funky
So I spit it at a monkey,
And the monkey spit it back at me.

Hey, now, you're a Cub Scout,
Get your Deet on, go play!
Hey, now, you're a Cub Scout,
Go hike out, all day!

(All that glitters is gold... only shooting stars break the mold.)

Camp was really great. So many activities had everybody pretty exhausted each night, but it was really worth it. Camp Snyder was a blast! We'll definitely be back next year!

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