Sunday, July 15, 2007

Camp Nana

Meanwhile, while the men were fishing, Nana was hosting "Camp Nana" for Emma, Nathan, Eddie and Luke. She gave Eddie a birthday party, celebrated the 4th with fireworks, had the kids making tie-dye t-shirts, took them to the historic home of Laura Ingalls Wilder, took the kids to the Minneapolis indoor water park, and took them all to the exciting Mall of America. She certainly keeps those kids busy, but they love it!

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Mom said...

It was a great week. I only wish Eddie & Luke could have spent more time here. Jake was disappointed when he found out that Eddie & Luke were leaving & he was "stuck" with 3 girls & Emma's pesky little brother. They all had a great week inspite of his "handicap". Camp Sandi went well also. I starting to know people at the Sod House Farm, Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum, MOA & WPOA.

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