Saturday, June 09, 2007

Potomac Celtic Festival

The 100 degree heat broke from yesterday, and this was lucky. For today, I would be walking around in the basking sunshine wearing nine yards of wool. Best if there was a little breeze. Of course, the only reason I would do this is to attend the local Potomac Celtic Festival.

Becky, the boys, and I headed on over to Leesburg to see what the festival had to offer. We were a bit disappointed that they canceled their Highland Games, but maybe there's always next year?

The festival was pretty good. The boys enjoyed the food: Eddie ate a bridie (a meat popover), Luke had the most disgusting sloppy spoonful of haggis (which he loved), and I had a meat pie. Becky ate nothing. (Smart lass.) I do give them credit for having the haggis on the menu, but better off skipping it next time. It's better at home.

There were various vendor tents, a pub tent which I visited frequently, craft tents, historic tents, and tents from various clan societies (my own Campbells being conspicuously absent). The boys got to learn to weave, and got some bagpipe demonstrations, and saw some traditional Scottish dancing.

It's always amusing at these events that there is about an equal turnout of non-conformist/biker/goth/roughneck types who relish wearing the kilt, traditionalists and Gaelic enthusiasts, and non-involved onlookers.

Here are some videos from the day.

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