Wednesday, June 06, 2007


My Evelyn rose is magnificent this year! The Evelyn rose, provider of the essential oil in the Crabtree and Evelyn's "Evelyn Rose" line, is a wonderful old English rose. Evelyn was also my maternal grandmother's name, so I planted the rose in her honor.

Through loving care and husbandry through the winter, keeping the aphids in check in the spring, and good weather and some luck, this is the best year ever for this, my favorite rose.

Look how vigorous and healthy the bush is in the third photo. It makes me so happy to see it!


Adolfo said...

Gorgeous! It was nice of think of your Grandmother when you planted it. The clarity (resolution I guess) of the first two photos make it look heavenly real!- Good shots Scott.

Scott said...

Actually, I used a new technique called a "Contrast Mask" to bring it more clarity. In the original photos, the green was too dark, fading into the brown mulch background, and the flower was more washed-out to white. What's left after the adjustment is much closer to "what the eye saw" before the photo.

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