Thursday, May 17, 2007

She's Gone!

Daryl Hall won't stop singing in my head. It's really annoying. He keeps singing:

She's Gone Oh I, Oh I'd
better learn how to face it
She's Gone Oh I, Oh I'd
pay the devil to replace her
She's Gone - what went wrong?
Of course, replace her is not what I have to do. Just live without her for five very long days.

Becky's gone. Gone to see her brothers in Vancouver. She's gone, gone, gone, and I'm so sad already. I can't wait for her to come home!

Though I know she'll have a good time with Chuck and Adolfo, it still doesn't change the fact that this is the First Time Ever that I have been left in sole charge of the house AND the boys. In the past, she's left, sometimes for two-three weeks at a time, to visit her parents or my parents, or both. But now, she's on a solo trip, and I am stuck, alone, taking care of all the stuff she does.

She didn't leave me without providing some clear directions, with strict and worried looks to ensure I'd follow them:

"7:05am, Remind Luke to poop. 7:17am, Tell them to get shoes on NOW."

I took the list to school, and Mrs. Key, Eddie's teacher, asked me if I had my list. (Yes, I think Becky had discussed her departure with Mrs. Key in advance, as a kind of further insurance policy.)

"Yes, Mrs. Key, right here," and I showed her the list.

"Do you want me to initial it for you?" she asked?

"Yes, Mrs. Key. Thank you, Mrs. Key."

Yes, I am in charge, and I'm sure Becky is more than just a little bit worried. When she returns, she'll doubtless walk in on a scene from Lord of the Flies: There'll be pigs' heads on stakes in the yard, and we'll all be running around in loin cloths eating Doritos and sardines. Man-rule!

Indeed, the chaos has already started. This morning, I allowed Luke to eat TWO toaster strudels for breakfast! And they even got to watch American Idol while they ate. Yes, Dad's in charge! And the house is already coming apart from the seams.

Becky, please come home soon!

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