Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day in the Garden

I'm pretty pleased with the state of the garden today. May is the very best month in the garden. The insects are not yet in control, and the prettiest of the flowers are in bloom. Here's a sampling of today's blooms.

Iris, columbine, more iris, weigela, and Batik iris.

Lily of the valley, bleeding hearts, apple rose (Rosa pomifera), aphids!!, and the rocky bed.

Rosa rugosa, Batik iris, poison ivy!!, marigolds and pansies, and Alpine hyacinth.

Some kind of nymph grasshopper, robins eggs in a nest I found in one of my trees, mystery weed (perhaps wild phlox?), and Frank!


Chuck said...

The last one is the most beautiful of all.

Mom said...

A face only a Mother could love!! Your flowers & yard are absolutey breath-taking! Grandpa Guier would be very proud!!

gaz. arrggg! said...

nice photos scott.

Adolfo said...

Lily of the valley (the white bells) are very pretty BUT the picture of Frank beats them all! ;-)

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